8:00 am

Coffee & Registration coffee

8:50 am Opening Remarks

Identifying Key Factors for Planning a Decentralized Clinical Trial

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Achieving Buy-in & Adoption from Stakeholders for DCTs

  • Wendi Lau Senior Director Clinical Development Operations, TA Lead Specialty Medicine, AbbVie
  • Sandeep Bhat Senior Leader, Digital Engagement, Implementation & Global Clinical Operations, GSK
  • Rakesh Maniar Head of eClinical Technologies, Global Data Management & Standards, Clinical Trial Operations, Merck & Co., Inc., NJ, USA


  • Discussing strategies to convey the value proposition and benefits of DCTs to stakeholders
  • Improving internal and external collaboration to maximize DCT success
  • Debating the potential methods to measure the success of DCTs

9:45 am Understanding the Multiple Factors & Trends Influencing DCT Designs & Deployment


  • Understanding key factors to consider when designing and deploying DCTs
  • Linking factors with quality by evidence in DCTs
  • Appraising trends in DCTs and the changing landscape in clinical research

10:20 am

Speed Networking & Morning Break

11:20 am Proactively Preparing for Successful Deployment of a DCT

  • Heidi Johnson Director, DCT Operations, DCT Strategy & Implementation, Bayer


  • Live Digital Presentation
  • Factoring operational challenges into the planning stage
  • Aligning internal teams for operational success
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with external partners

11:50 am Decentralization in Action: What DCT Looks Like Now


  • Learn new ways to operationalize DCT
  • Understanding the value of DCT
  • Breaking down DCT myths, discussing what can be delivered

12:20 pm

Lunch Break

1:20 pm Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:25 pm The Scientific Art of Innovative Clinical Trial Design


  • Trial Design Application Tool: Using technology to inform trial design possibilities
  • Layering experiential knowledge on top of standard processes and capabilities
  • Resulting in patient centered Global Innovative Trial Designs

Designing Equitable & Patient-First Decentralized Clinical Trials

1:55 pm Designing a Clinical Trail Around the Patient

  • Tracey Robertson Global Clinical Development & Operations Patient & Site Engagement Capabilities Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Reducing the burden on the patient and caregivers
  • Reflecting on the lessons learned to factor into future planning
  • Dedicating continuous technical support to optimize technology


2:25 pm Innovative Training Strategies for DCTs


  • Explore the future-state of performance-based training
  • Discuss how to interpret and apply learning results to optimize and de-risk your DCT
  • Discover how simulation-based training improves DCT study performance

2:35 pm

Afternoon Break

3:00 pm Considering Optionality and Agility while Planning a DCT

  • Taras Carpiac Executive Director, Global Development Operations, Amgen


  • Live Digital Presentation
  • Addressing the need to select appropriate DCT techniques for specific studies and populations, while maintaining optionality for patients
  • Applying various DCT techniques in clinical trials
  • Leveraging agility in remote study monitoring and outlining novel techniques
    that add the most value

3:30 pm Providing Innovative Solutions for an Enhanced Patient and Provider Experience


  • Understanding the benefits of a virtual clinical supply model
  • Leveraging medical claims processes for exams, services, and product reimbursement
  • Maximize community resources to decentralize study components

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Examining DCT Patient Engagement Issues


  • Discussing ideas to increase patient awareness
  • Improving the education of patients
  • Analyzing FDA global regulations regarding patient involvement

4:45 pm Closing Remarks