Breakfast Workshop

Breakfast Workshop : Breakfast Workshop - Decentralized Clinical Trials 101: A Paradigm Shift That’s Been Waiting To Happen

Wednesday, December 8:15 | 5:15

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) are not a new concept. However, only since the rise of the Covid-19 crisis have DCTs made headlines outside the biopharma industry and people are really taking notice. The combination of increasing focus on ‘patient-centricity’ and inability to run standard trials has enabled DCTs to gain a foothold in the industry, forcing adaptation, changing internal processes and raising important questions about the future of clinical trials. To get up to speed on DCTs, taking you through insightful case studies and driving meaningful conversation in this DCT deep dive, we have Richard Erwin, Head of Clinical Operations at Bay Area Cancer Medical Research Institute. Richard is a 35 year veteran of global clinical development operations, having worked in pharma, biotech, CRO and non-profit organizations, with practical experience in organizing decentralized clinical trials.

This workshop will leave you with practical takeaways on:

• eConsenting & IRB practical considerations
• Digitally inclusive study designing
• Remote endpoint collection frame-working

Workshop Leader

Richard Erwin

Richard Erwin
Sr Director of Operations
Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute