About Event

Welcome to the 2nd Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit, The Conference for Answers

The 2nd Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit is the response to the industry’s plea for a greater understanding and clarity regarding the end-to-end management of running a patient-centric, forward-thinking decentralized clinical trial. With every speaker sharing the same desire to increase the success, ease, and treatment options for patients in need, ensure that you are part of this voice.

4 Key Topics of DCT 2021


The process for theorizing, designing, and operationalizing a DCT. Including how to determine success, who to communicate with, and how to build care into research


Considering the ways in which technological advances can enable enhanced data procurement, validated digital endpoints and opportunities for patient choice to optimize trial engagement


Taking away key lessons when considering the hybridization opportunities available in removing site-bound visitation and clinical endpoint collection


Reconnecting with the patient to ensure each DCT remains transparent, accessible and patient-centric

As the world pivoted into a quasi-DCT model, the next generation of site-less, virtual trials becomes an expected avenue for continued development and practice. Yet, as the vaccines roll out, and lockdowns loosed up, this momentum may slow as more typical trial becomes possible again. This conference appears at a tipping point between these two avenues.

Join dozens of leading pharma, biotech, academic researchers, and patient advocates to further your understanding of how to set up, operationalize and optimize a Decentralized Clinical Trial so that you can make the educated decision, backed by the shared experience from a plethora of leading speakers.

Most importantly, ensure your decisions are operational rather than aspirational at the Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit.