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Welcome to the 3rd Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit, The Conference for practical solutions

We all know that decentralized clinical trials offer a plethora of advantages to trial participants and sponsors. What we don’t know is how to simplify regulatory understanding, streamline internal protocols, restructure recruitment processes, improve patient communication and address all the other operational challenges preventing us from fully capitalizing on this moment.   

That’s why each year DCT pioneers from pharma, CROs, tech providers and patient advocacy groups gather at the annual Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit to share lessons learned and best practice case studies to move the industry forward.   

This September, join over 150 DCT leaders to hear exclusive case-studies and engage in open discussions offering practical, implementable, and grounded insights. With each and every session offering take-home lessons, this is your best opportunity to clarify the complex issues through end-to-end hybrid and siteless clinical trial program operationalization.  

Whether you’re struggling with trial set-up, technological integration, negotiating with stakeholders, hybridization, patient communication, or choice provision: ensure you aren’t repeating past mistakes by hearing global leaders recall their experiences with a shared goal of providing you with pragmatic solutions to solve these complex hurdles.  

Achieving Buy-in and Adoption from Stakeholders for DCTs

Designing Agile, Equitable and Patient-First DCTs 

Improving Patient Experience While Running a DCT

Utilizing Digital Capabilities while Conducting a DCT

The Future of DCTs - Lessons Learned and Thinking Beyond Covid 

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of decentralized clinical trials while highlighting the critical benefits of virtual trials and improving the patient and physician experience. With benefits of DCTs progress now being realized, there is now more momentum than ever to perfect the processes and protocols to make DCTS more mainstream. Join us in September to address and overcome the many operational and regulatory challenges.  

 Most importantly, ensure your decisions are operational rather than aspirational at the Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit.