Strengthen Your Operational and Compliance Protocols to Accelerate Technology-Enabled, Patient-Centric, and Cost-Efficient Decentralized Clinical Trials

With the potential to improve recruitment rates, simplify compliance, reduce drop-out rates, and speed-up your product’s time to market, decentralized clinical trials represent an opportunity to rethink and refresh how research studies are conducted, while keeping the patient at the heart of all trials.  

Despite this, only a fraction of clinical trials are currently run as hybrid of virtual models. This is about to change. The age of decentralized clinical trials is here, and keeping pace with the rest of the industry means preparing your internal processes for the change.   

Created in conjunction with clinical trial leaders from big and small pharma, forward thinking academics, and research institutes, the programme for this year’s Decentralized Clinical summit has been designed to help you to develop the toolkit you need to run successful decentralised trials. Join over 100+ peers this December to tackle issues such as: using digital tools and wearables, maintaining data quality and integrity, simplifying e-consent, optimising patient recruitment, restructuring project teams, rethinking trial design and undertaking study-model matching.   

Featuring real-life case-studies and experiences from companies like JanssenPfizerRocheBMSGenentech and the NIHR, as well as interactive panel discussions and virtual roundtables, this is your chance to find answers to all your decentralized clinical trial questions.   

Join us to lead the industry by offering patients more flexibility through decentralized trials.

2020 World Class Speakers Included: