Your Operational Guide to Planning & Running Patient - Centric Decentralized Clinical Trials.

Establish a practical roadmap to achieve regulatory understanding, speed recruitment processes & improve patient communication

At this one-of-a-kind DCT event, 100% of the presentation offers practical examples of DCT planning, setup, and running. With exclusive real-life examples and recent experiences shared, this event presents you with a roadmap to take back to your company to perfect your patient-centric DCTs!

Understand Global Regulations

Discover Ground-breaking Technology

Put the Patient First

Participate and connect with a community of truly pioneering clinical leaders for two days of focused, practical dialogue like no other.

  • 20+ case studies from pharma, tech, and patient advocates offering you a practical roadmap to take back to the office 
  • 100+ In-person clinical attendees looking to connect and network with like-minded peers
  • A speaker faculty of the most forward-thinking DCT leaders offering you insights you won't get anywhere else 

Operationalize: DCT is your only chance to find solutions to challenges such as: 

  • Achieving Buy-in and Adoption from Stakeholders for DCTs
  • Designing Agile, Equitable, and Patient-First DCTs 
  • Improving Patient Experience While Running a DCT
  • Utilizing Digital Capabilities while Conducting a DCT
  • The Future of DCTs - Lessons Learned and Thinking Beyond Covid 

Join us in September to ensure your decisions are operational rather than aspirational at the Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit.  

2022 Speaker Included:

Anna Yang

Senior Medical Science Director


Daniel Karlin

Chief Medical Officer


Isaac Rodriguez- Chavez

Senior Vice President of Scientific & Clinical Affairs


Lewis Millen

Global Clinical Sciences & Operations Innovation Lead


Wendi Lau

Senior Director Clinical Development Operations, TA Lead Specialty Medicine


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